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a road full of promise


Levi’s Vintage Clothing - “Good Guys Wear Levi’s” Made in USA Sweatshirt.


Drop Coffee Stockholm


René Magritte ~ “La corde sensible”, 1979


Cotton/wool/nylon/silk blend crewneck sweatshirt from Reigning Champ/Steven Alan collaboration. #madeinCanada


Louis Cole lives one of the most interesting, inspiring and amazing lives I’ve ever witnessed. He makes a video every day, and this is a 2 minute recap of ONE YEAR OF HIS LIFE. Incredible. Honored to call him a friend. Subscribe to his channel, you will NOT be disappointed.

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My library has new cards to choose from. I’ve never actually sat through an entire episode of Adventure Time but my friend told me how the creator invented the show, and I chose the card for that. I love the art of it.


I’m so happy because Disney is already decorating for Halloween!!

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75 degrees with breeze

I haven’t been very productive lately. Not in any art, not in blogging. I’ve outlined my story’s final chapters quite a lot lately though. Last night I submitted my essay lacking a conclusion a minute too late. Today I cleaned and sorted things a bit. California’s non-summer weather has begun. I’m outside my room on the patio with a PSL listening to Spotify’s coffeehouse playlist. 🍂🎃

My city seems to be doing better. Twitter posts aren’t as constant about the recent losses. Seeing “what happened?” asked on Instagram and Facebook posts so many days after the fact feels peculiar.

I hope all is well with everyone. Fall is beginning!


Reflections: A young boy casts a striking comparison to an aging man lost in a book on a ferry in Istanbul. 

Photograph by Merve Ates, National Geographic Your Shot

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" That night was the turning-point in the season. We had gone to bed in summer, and we awoke in autumn; for summer passes into autumn in some imaginable point of time, like the turning of a leaf. "

- Henry David Thoreau (via introspectivepoet)